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2000 Gallery Shows

Thought Pictures

A collaborative exhibition of digital imagery by faculty and graduate students from Information Technology and Engineering and Visual Information Technologies

Exhibition Dates:
Fine Arts Gallery:
Oct. 23, 2000 - Mar. 16, 2001


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Sculpture & Interactive Multimedia

Walter Ratzat
This DC artist crystallizes concerns from conceptual and performance art, to create hybrids of sculpture, text, photography and interactive multimedia, which possess an otherworldly beauty and a disconcerting sense of mystery.

Exhibition Dates:
Fine Arts and Johnson Center Galleries:
Nov. 20, 2000 - Dec. 22, 2000


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I See You

Photographic Installations

Susan Eder
With subjects ranging from eyeglasses to self-portraits to butterfly wings, this conceptually-based artist challenges the traditional borders of photography. Her installations on painted photos explore the relationships between seeing, vision and imagination.

Exhibition Dates:
Fine Arts and Johnson Center Galleries:
Oct. 9, 2000 - Nov. 10, 2000


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Visual Frequencies 2000

An Exhibition by Art & Visual Technologies Faculty

  • Tom Ashcraft - sculpture/drawing
  • Anne Benolken - mixed media
  • Y. David Chung - prints
  • Jerry Clapsaddle - architectural documentation
  • Paula Crawford - painting
  • Veronique Day - sculpture
  • Peggy Feerick - photography
  • Helen Frederick - prints
  • Maria Karametou - mixed media
  • Taek Lee - painting
  • Jane Leonard - prints
  • Kirby Malone - performance documentation
  • Gail Scott White - mixed media
  • Peter Winant - sculpture


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Dream Tank

Paintings & Drawings

Scott Hutchison
This DC painter depicts a dystopic technosphere where the frail meat of human flesh meets the heavy metal of street prostheses and implanted circuitry.

Related Web Sites:
Silent Forms

Exhibition Dates:
Fine Arts and Johnson Center Galleries:
Aug. 28, - September 29th, 2000


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Mid-Atlantic Marvels 2000

A Regional Exhibition by Undergraduate Artists

Tracy K. McGale - sculpture
Sabrina Santiago - painting/prints/photography
George Mason University

Michealann Brescia - painting/collage
Kenna Kelly - drawing/collage
Catholic University of America

Carolyn Nye - photography
Gine Tamburri - painting
University of Delaware

Justin Doss - photography
Kristen Nyce - sculpture
University of Virginia

Angela Cunningham - ceramics
April Vassar - painting
College of Wiliam and Mary

Josh Budich - interactive multimedia
Marianne Hayden - interactive multimedia
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Lorraine Imhoff - painting
Stanley Mathurin - sculpture
University of Maryland, College Park

Machael Fry - sculpture
Joel Persels - painting
Towson University

Dariya Gavrylova - photography
College of Notre Dame of Maryland

Exhibition Dates:
June 19, 2000 - July 29, 2000


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Chamber of Wonder 2000

Art and Visual Technologies Student Show

Painting • Drawing • Sculpture • Photography • Printmaking • Graphic Design • Installation • Computer Arts • Multimedia

Michael B. Platt, Guest Curator

Exhibition Dates:
May 1, 2000 - June 9, 2000


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Who's Afraid of RED, YELLOW and BLUE?

Renee Marcus Butler
multimedia installations

By infusing audio-visual montage into environments of transparent and reflective surfaces, this artist transports the spectator to a dream-like state.

Collaborating Artists

  • Joe White - video & sound recording
  • Carol A. Swainson - oboe composition
  • Janet Chance - vocalist
  • Alberto Gaitan Taboas - soundscape

Exhibition Dates:
Fine Arts and Johnson Center Galleries:
Mar. 29, 2000 - Apr. 28, 2000


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Mask Mirror

Marnie M. Montgomery
A Mixed Media Installation

This Visual Information Technologies Thesis show features a mediascape which oscillates between the whimsical and the serious. Human and cybernetic imagery reflects and conceals physical and metaphysical disguises and revelations. The installation combines video, rotoscoping, 3D modeling and digital prints.

Exhibition Dates:
Johnson Center Gallery:
Mar. 6, 2000 - Mar. 27, 2000


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