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VOL 12, NO. 1(1999)


"Social Contract and Introspection"
Martii Vihanto, Department of Economics, Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, FINLAND

"Toward a Praxeological Theory of the Firm"
Tony Fu-Lai Yu, School of Economics and Management, University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

"Towards an Austrian Theory of the Firm"
Philippe Dulbecco and Pierre Garrouste, GATE-CNRS, University of Lumiere Lyon 2, FRANCE

"Austrian Cycle Theory: Saving the Wheat While Discarding the Chaff."
Richard Wagner, Department of Economics, George Mason University, USA.

"Report on a Treatise: A Review Essay of George Reisman's Capitalism."
Israel Kirzner, Department of Economics, New York University, USA

Book Reviews

Jeremy Shearmur, The Political Thought of Karl Popper. Reviewed by David Harper.

Howard Baetjer, Software as Capital. Reviewed by Peter Lewin.