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Available from Springer Science Publishers
Issue: Volume 20, Number 2-3

Table of Contents

Value and exchange: Two windows for economic theorizing
R. Wagner

What economic agents do: How cognition and interaction lead to emergence and complexity
R. Axtell

Exchange and evolution
J. Potts

Methodological interactionism: Theory and application to the firm and to the building of trust
B. Nooteboom

Towards an Austro–German theory of uneven economic development? A plea for theorising by inclusion
E. Reinert

Value and exchange in economic theorizing: The contribution of the Freiburg School
G. Meijer

Value and exchange in law and economics: Buchanan versus posner
A. Marciano

The exchange paradigm: Where to now?
M. Kohn


Book Reviews

Review of Virgil Henry Storr’s Enterprising slaves & master pirates: Understanding economic life in the Bahamas,
C. Coyne

David Prychitko, Markets, Planning and Democracy: Essays after the collapse of communism. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2002, Bibliography and index. pp 190.
G. diZegera