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VOL 12, NO. 2 (1999)


"The Coming Slavery: The Determinism of Herbert Spencer."
Mario J. Rizzo, Department of Economics, New York University, USA

"An Economic Theory of the Evolution of Governance and the Emergence of the State."

Bruce Benson, Department of Economics, Florida State University, USA

"The Costs of Cooperation."
Tyler Cowen, Department of Economics, George Mason University, USA,
and Daniel Sutter, Department of Economics, University of Oklahoma, USA

"Entry Barriers in Politics, or: Why Politics, Like Natural Monopolies, is not Organized as an Ongoing Market-Process."
Michael Wohlgemuth, Institutional Economics Unit, Max-Planck Institute for Research into Economic Systems, GERMANY

"Political Entrepreneurship and the Transfer Demanding Process: Homesteading the Unassigned District."
Noel Campbell, Department of Business Administration, North Georgia College and State University, USA

"Equilibrium Versus the Invisible Hand."
Randall Holcombe, Department of Economics, Florida State University, USA

"On Not Seeing One's Intellectual Roots: A Review Essay of James Scott's Seeing Like the State."
J. Bradford De Long, Department of Economics, University of California-Berkeley, USA

Book Reviews

John O'Neill, The Market: Ethics, Knowledge, and Politics reviewed by G.R. Steele, Department of Economics, The Management School, Lancaster University, UK.

Richard Swedberg, Max Weber and the Idea of Economic Sociology reviewed by Anders Liljenberg, Stockholm School of Economics, SWEDEN.