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VOL 18, NO. 2 (2005)

Hayek and Experimental Economics
Vernon L. Smith

The Capital Idea and the Scope of Economics
Peter Lewin

Entrepreneurial Discovery and the Demmert/Klein Experiment: Another Attempt at Creating the Proper Context
Jana Kitzmann and Dirk Schiereck

Money: Capital Good, Consumers’ Good, or (Media of) Exchange Good?
William Barnett and Walter Block

The Austrian Tertius Gaudens: A Revisit of Competition Theory in Light of Georg Simmel
Anders Liljenberg

Book Reviews

David A. Harper (2003) Foundations of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, New York: Routledge, 267 pp
Christopher J. Coyne

Alexander J. Field (2001) Altruistically Inclined? The Behavioral Sciences, Evolutionary Theory, and the Origins of Reciprocity. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. ISBN0-472-11224-4. x-373 pp.
Peter T. Leeson