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VOL 19, NO. 2-3 (2006)

Robust political economy
Peter T. Leeson & J. Robert Subrick

Retrogressive regime drift within a theory of emergent order
Richard E. Wagner

The fragility of a discipline when a model has monopoly status
David M. Levy & Sandra J. Peart

Converting social conflict: Focal points and the evolution of cooperation
Peter T. Leeson, Christopher J. Coyne, & Peter J. Boettke

Contractual nullification of economically-detrimental state-made laws
Bruce L. Benson

Does the invisible hand hold or lead? Market adjustment in an entrepreneurial economy
Randall G. Holcombe

Robust political economy: The case of antitrust
Stefan Voigt

Poverty traps and the robust political economy of development assistance
Scott A Beaulier & J. Robert Subrick