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VOL 16, NO. 2-3(2003)

Pierre Garrouste

Order-Dependent Knowledge and the Economics of Science
Thomas J. McQuade, William N. Butos

The Political Entrepreneur and the Coordination of the Political Process: A Market Process Perspective of the Political Market
Abel François

From the Tribal to the Open Society: The Role of Medieval Craft Guilds in the iergence of a Market Order
Christelle Mougeot

Innovation and Competition: The Role of Finance Constraints in a Duopoly Case
M. Amendola, J.-L. Gaffard, P. Musso

Production Period and Cycles: Several Interpretations in a Neo-Austrian Economic Perspective
José Augier, Laurent Augier

The Dynamics of the Institutional Change and the Market Economy: Understanding Contiporaneous Market Development Processes
Philippe Dulbecco

Big Players in Slovenia
Roger Koppl, Dusan Mramor

The Austrian Theory of Institutions Applied to Science-Industry Relationships: The Relevance of Innovative Institutions
Michel Quéré, Jacques-Laurent Ravix